Distributors Program

Happy Vaper Distributors Program

In an effort to make it easier for consumers to access and adopt vaping, and to encourage enthusiastic entrepreneurs to enter the space, Happy Vaper has created the Happy Vaper Distributors Program.
Happy Distributors purchase products in bulk from happyvaper.com and sell products directly to consumers. By keeping product on-hand, you can easily service the basic needs for your local customers. When you log into happyvaper.com, you will see your distributor pricing prior to placing an order. You may also enter a new ship-to address for an order and 'drop ship' the order directly to the customer (note a $3 handling fee per order applies), reducing the need for you to carry an large inventory of products.

Happy Distributors - How it Works

As a Happy Distributor, you will handle any and all contact with the customer. This includes payment, customer questions, technical difficulties and any other issues that may arise. Please note that it will be your responsibility to handle returns from your customer and provide them with replacement product. Please be sure to validate any manufacturing defects before contacting the Happy Vaper customer support team to request an RMA as a $10/item fee + shipping will be billed for non-defective items returned.

Happy Distributor Level

Previous Month's Sales

Markup Available**



Avg. 20%, up to 55%



Avg. 35%, up to 130%



Avg 50%, up to 150%



Avg 60%, to to 170%


Over $25,000

Avg. 70%-190%

** This markup is relative to the sale price on happyvaper.com and is for most e-cigarette products. You may sell for more and increase your margins further. For final pricing on any product, please log into your happyvaper.com distributor account.

Our distributors have access to most of Happy Vaper products at very aggressive pricing. When you log in to the happyvaper.com website with your distributor account, you will see your pricing listed for every product. Simply add them to your shopping cart and pay using the usual methods. Once we have received payment, Happy Vaper will ship the product to you or you can pick it up at our Concord, ON warehouse.

We request that our Happy Distributors do not undercut our sale prices as we don't want to create downward price pressure in the industry.

How to Become a Happy Distributor

An initial purchase of $500 CAD is required to join the Happy Distributor program. This qualifies you immediately for Silver Distributor pricing for the first month.

When you are ready to become a Happy Distributor, here are the steps to take:

1. Sign up for a happyvaper.com account if you don't already have one.

2. Send an email to sales@happyvaper.com indicating that you would like to become a Happy Distributor and are ready to place your first order for $500. Please include the email address you use to login to happyvaper.com so we know which account to upgrade.

3. Our Happy Support team will send you an email indicating that your account has been upgraded to a Silver Distributor. When you login, you will see your Silver Distributor Price listed for each product.

4. Place an order online for at least $500 for your initial purchase. If you would like some guidance on choosing what to order, please contact us at sales@happyvaper.com.